Do you have a desire to help bring change to someone’s life? Then get involved! Help us build better futures for former foster girls. They are awaiting your help as this is what their future is based upon. We have limited resources and there are lots of girls who yearn to change their life for the better. Your financial and moral support is highly appreciated. There are different ways you can help:


Do you run a business? Do you offer some services required in day to day life? Then you can become our partner. Start your partnership with us today to help these foster girls by providing your services free of cost or at low cost. We are in need of:

  • House cleaning products
  • Auto Dealership
  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Computer Instructor
  • Student Driver Services
  • Teachers
  • Career Counsellors

Volunteer Opportunities:

You can become a volunteer at Heart of Home by playing a role in the organization. Some of the options are following:

You can play role of an advocate in Heart of Home. An advocate is someone who assists our member in developing meaningful life goals. They give individual attention to help develop a successful life. Advocate keeps the RMs on track with their goals, plans and celebrate milestones through their journey in Heart of Home. They teach RMs how to be self-sufficient in researching information on their own, bringing guidance to find solutions in the midst of their problems, provides direction and brings positive motivation, encouragement and support.

You can also become a Resident Advisor (RA). The RA lives and resides in Heart of Home to uphold guidelines that resident members should be following. You will also be expected to solve minor problems. They are the immediate “go-to” person for any questions, advice, assistance, support. Including words for wisdom, arms for hugs, ears for listening, and strong shoulders when tears are shed. The RA the big sister in the home.


Get Involved

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