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We believe support from family can make a world of difference in a young adults’ life and can help them rise above their current situations they may not know how to face.

Each year the number aging out of foster care is quite large. Due to their lack of education and life skills training, they’re unable to survive and get into some crimes, making wrong choices. There is a need for an effective system to adjust these girl in the progressing country. They should be educated and trained to start doing some job and earn for them to be independent.

Currently, there are very less foster girls who are getting through high school or getting a degree. There is a need to increase the number of girls getting education, skilled training, specialized courses and most importantly, guidance. There should be a proper system to take in girl coming out of foster homes. They should be counseled and guided about their career. They should be provided with proper work and proper residence so they can survive and ultimately become independent.

At our training center, we help these foster girls to get skilled in different fields of life. We provide them a transitional house with family like support. Also, there is life coaching, mentoring, resident adviser, advocate, life skills training, incentive program, the hub (full of important information for resident members), and events at My Heart of Home.

We provide a home for our member and educate them. There are coaching classes for them to learn skills so that they can get a job. We have mentors who guide them about life and how they can make a career. They are given life skills training. Also, a lot of different events are arrange at My Heart of Home for these girls. We make them feel like a family.

We have counselors and mentors who help them over coming emotional and psychological issues. They can discuss their problems with them and the mentor guides them about coping with it and taking the right decision.

Education, employment and wrap around services are preventative measures against unplanned pregnancy, incarceration, drug and alcohol addiction, human trafficking and gang prevention. We teach and model for our youth that they are able to choose a better, more productive life for themselves and break the cycles of abuse and poverty in their families.

But what happens when you feel you’ve failed? Made a mistake? Afraid to take on new opportunities? Or maybe not showing much progress in the program? We understand everyone is not on the same learning level and there is no cookie cutter when serving people. We value all unique and different personalities, learning styles and their previous experiences. Alongside our mentors we provide the following programs:

  • Safe Transitional Housing
  • Education and Employment
  • Life Skill Trainings
  • Mentoring and Life Coaching
  • Medical facilities
  • Family-Like Support

Education and Employment:

Do you aspire to have higher learning but need the extra support? Heart of Home could be a good fit for you. Participants who are chosen for this program are required to be enrolled in college or vocational school taking at least 12 credits each semester and working 15-20 hours per week. We help with:

  • Selection of a college
  • Completing college applications
  • Financial support
  • Resume and Interview Skills

Life Skills Training:

Foster kids don’t always have a chance to learn basic skills that are needed to live a normal and balanced life. Life skill training is meant to provide training for such important things. To bring you up to speed it’s required to complete two life skill trainings each month. We provide life skills training on some of the following topics twice a month:

  • Cooking / Nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Budget planning
  • Basic car maintenance
  • Leading a household
  • Maintaining a household
  • And more…

Mentoring and Life Coaching:

Many of us do have issues that we need to talk about. And some with dreams that they want to succeed in but need accountability. Our services can help you with:

  • Dealing with past hurt and pain
  • Daily struggles
  • Guidance and accountability toward your goals

Arrangement of Residence:

Our program provides you opportunity to live independently in Heart of Home along with other participants. Each month you will be required to pay rent in the amount of $100. All participants are assigned keep the house in good condition by completing household tasks. You will be assigned tasks every month and expected to complete assigned life skills training each month. Upon your move in to Heart of Home you are provided a laptop for: school, life skill trainings and personal use. Our participants are expected to work together to maintain the home in a clean and organized manner. You are required to attend all house meetings and volunteer in community events.

Family like Support:

Our participants are served with family like support. They all support each other, their issues are solved by advocates, mentors and the life coach. We create the safe haven environment and a family-like support system.


Heart of Home provides a resident advisor, a life coach, and advocates to mentor, guide all RMs into their success.


Each month RM completes two life skill trainings online in the categories of: personal finances, leadership, home management, health, etc. They are followed up with a quiz to aid the advocate in discussion of what the RM retained and understood. To complete the trainings, we tie it all together with “hands-on learning” that gives them real life experiences.


As mentors challenge RMs to think for themselves, to research, solve problems, and make good decisions they become empowered through their own breakthroughs. With consistent breakthroughs a foundation of experiences are built through mistakes, failures and successes, which produces accountability, independence, good decision making, self-confidence, awareness, discipline, knowledge, understanding, perseverance and faith. Heart of Home’s goal is to build self-sufficient, responsible leaders.


This is what sets Heart of Home apart. We eliminate the impression of a “business-transaction” environment and focus on providing and fostering a family setting. We help RMs find their life’s purpose and live it out loud! How? By registering into college to study a major they’re passionate about. We also help with finding a part time job in their field of study that will provide work experience for them after they’ve graduate. The Heart of Home family provides family vacations, volunteering opportunities, special dinners and celebrate: holidays, birthdays, graduations, and more.


helps to chizzle down to the root of problems to bring resolution, healing and self-love for RMs.


keeps the RMs on track with their goals, plans and celebrate milestones through their journey in Heart of Home. They teach RMs how to be self-sufficient in researching information on their own, bringing guidance to find solutions in the midst of their problems, provides direction and brings positive motivation, encouragement and support.


resides in Heart of Home to make sure house rules are being upheld. They are the immediate “go-to” person for any questions, advice, assistance, support. Including arms for hugs, ears for listening, and strong shoulders when tears are shed. The RA becomes the big sister in the home.